Make money by hosting weekly open houses in your Fireproof & Bulletproof Supergreen Superhome, built with over 100 tons of recycled materials, while we pay your monthly mortgage payments.

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How it works

This is all about mass recycling tonnage and referring others to do the same, the more Fireproof & Bulletproof Supergreen Superhomes are built for your referrals and their referrals (9-levels deep), the more tons of recycled materials you recycle, and the more money you make for mass recycling by referring clients (sign up and log in).

  • 1) A visitor comes to this website via your affiliate link and the affiliate software marks him/her as "your referral".
  • 2) Your referral's IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for future tracking purposes in case your referral signs up and buys a Fireproof & Bulletproof Supergreen Superhome or a Supergreen License in the future.
  • 3) Your referral signs up for free, logs in to the member area, and builds a Fireproof & Bulletproof Supergreen Superhome or buys a Supergreen License.
  • 4) When your referrals build a Fireproof & Bulletproof Supergreen Superhome to live in or buy a Supergreen License, I make a profit, and you get 20% of my profit as compensation for referring a paying client. The order need not be placed during the same browser session--cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely
  • 5) We manage the manufacturing and construction of Fireproof & Bulletproof Supergreen Superhomes for all the members in your 9-level deep network remotely by subcontracting all the hard manufacturing and construction work to local licensed manufacturing and building contractors in the area where the job site is so that all goes smoothly and is fully insured for errors and omissions.
  • 6) And, we pay all profit shares on the last day of the month.

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